Thank you for joining us in our fifth year of creating beautiful high quality earrings. We pride ourselves in our simple, yet elegant designs that stands to transcend time and ensure they will always remain in style. Our passion for creating beautiful jewelry comes from our desire to produce pieces that we ourselves can wear on a daily basis. Whether it is a night on the town, or a shopping trip into town, you will find our earrings to be perfectly suited for any occasion.


Our Jewelry is an Investment
As all of our repeat customers already know, we feature the finest materials including Sterling Silver and Swarovski crystals. These high quality parts ensures that you’ll maintain a high value for the life of your jewelry.


Beautiful Earring Case
All of our earrings ship in a beautiful display case that allows you to visually see your earrings without having to open dozens of boxes. This little added bonus allows you to save time when planning your wardrobe.


Made in America
We take pride in keeping our jewelry manufacturing in the United States. This allows us to ensure high quality output by overseeing all activity directly within our own premises. In addition, this allows us to help the economy in the United States, this ensures that we’ll be building a foundation for our future generations.

I hope you enjoy your earrings and we look forward to being a repeat customer for decades to come.

Lana Montano